#DoThisThing: Listen To Your Body

It’ll tell you what you need.

First thing’s first: If you are suffering with an eating disorder or think you might be but aren’t quite sure, get to a clinician who can do a full assessment and provide you with the standard of care that you deserve.

Next, if you’re in that constant vicious cycle that doesn’t necessarily meet the criteria for an eating disorder but does cause you pain, distraction from your present moment, or is just an all-out nuisance, this week’s #DoThisThing can help you.

If I had a dollar for the number of girls I’ve worked with over the years who restrict to manage their weight, until they’re so hungry that they binge on whatever’s in front of them, I’d be on the cover of Fortune magazine.

To feel good and perform at your best physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, your brain and your body need nourishment. It’s non-negotiable.

Learn to give your body what it needs now.

Download this week’s worksheet here!

Art by Blair Breitenstein, worksheet by Jess Meoni.

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