Monday’s Mantra: I Am Powerful

...and powerless over others.

This is one of the hardest lessons to learn, but once you nail it—easy street!

Many of us make the mistake of believing that other people’s’ character flaws are correlated with our own. Like, we think if people act like jerks or do stupid things, we must be responsible in some way. That’s just not the case.

Each of us has the ability to change ourselves, and only ourselves. We can only control what we say and we do. When the actions of another contribute to our own thoughts, feelings and behavior, then they become ours to own. The same goes for those around us.

The goal is to own your shit and hang out with people who own theirs. Change, grow and repeat, simultaneously. Grow together or grow apart.

Life happens. Love happens. We are powerless. Once we digest that, we can step into the power we do have, once and for all.

Art by Emmy Smith.


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