QOTD: It’s Time to Speak Your Truth

Nothing’s more powerful.

There’s nothing more powerful than speaking your truth and nothing more important for so many reasons.

Here’s a few:

  1. You are not here for people to like you, you are here to be you.
  2. It feels better to be disliked for being your authentic self than to be liked for being some made-up version of yourself that you fake for praise.
  3. True connection can only happen when someone likes you for being the real you.
  4. People don’t like to be uncomfortable. You are here to shake things up. Anything or anyone that doesn’t fit the mold, creates discomfort. You’re not supposed to fit-in. You’re here to change things, you are your purpose.
  5. When you morph into a version of yourself that you think people will like better than the real one, you sell yourself out. That’s called self-abandonment. Nothing has more of a devastating impact on your emotional health than that.

Take it from me.

At your age, I was a chameleon. I read the room and became, whatever TF I thought the people in that room would want me to be. That led to a whole bunch of psychological pain, and kinda became a logistical pain in the ass, too.

When I was younger, I spent most of my time at The Ballet Theatre of Scranton, dancing. Naturally, I made a lot of friends at dance. I also had friends at school. I NEVER could invite the two groups to one birthday party, because I was a totally different person depending on which group I was with at the time. So, if for no other reason, speak your truth starting today—so that you can have one birthday party this year, and be done with it!

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